Bill Anderson, MBE

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Bill Anderson, MBE

Legendary Scottish Games Athlete

 Scottish National Champion 16 Times

 World Champion

 U.S. National Champion

 Canadian National Champion

 Australian National Champion

Society Pictures by Leslie Lamar Wilkes, Jr., M.D.



 Membership to the St. Andrew's Society is by invitation.

Preamble to the Rules of the

Saint Andrew’s Society of the City of Savannah


TO CHERISH THE RECOLLECTIONS of our homes and the birthplace of ourselves and our forefathers, to promote good fellowship among Scotchmen and their descendants in this their adopted City and Country, to extend to unfortunate Scotchmen and their families assistance and counsel in cases of necessity, the St. Andrew’s Society of the City of Savannah, a Charitable and Social Institution composed of Scotchmen, the sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons of Scotchmen and Scotch women, any direct lineal male descendant of the Scotch man and Scotch woman and the sons of members of the Society, is hereby formed and the following Rules for its Government are unanimously adopted.

2015 Officers and Stewards


Joseph Russell Ross

Immediate Past President

Morton Gerald Forbes

Vice President

Robert Walker Groves III


Robert Earl Harman, Jr.


Murray Stewart Marshall, Jr.

Chief Steward

William Lattimore, Jr.


Alistair William Rutherfurd Cairns
Andrew Thomas Sheils, Jr., MD


Jackson Harold Sherrill III


Roland Steven Summers


Christopher Duncan Thompson


James Fred White




Relieve the Distressed